Bickmore Exotic


Bickmore Exotic Cleaner and Conditioner is specially formulated for Exotic Leathers and
Reptile Skin. It is ideal to clean, soften, preserve and restore Exotic Leathers. Bickmore
Exotic will NOT darken finished or smooth leather and will not leave a sticky or gummy
residue behind. Great for boots, belts, handbags, wallets, purses, etc.


DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Always check for colorfastness in a hidden area
before using. If item is very dirty clean with, Bickmore Saddle Soap or Bick 1 Leather
Cleaner. Then apply Bickmore Exotic by spraying the leather item liberally while using
a cloth to wipe off excess. Let the item dry and then buff. Repeat as necessary. Do
not use on suede, roughout, distressed or napped leathers. For extra protection and
waterproofing apply Gard-More after conditioning.

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3 Reviews

mark 16th Aug 2016

Looks like new again

I have a couple pair of 30 year old lizard boots which were in good shape but the skins looked dule. This product added a shine and really improved the appearance.

Carl Nechtman 6th Oct 2015

Shoes or furniture

Works for all leather.
Leaves the treated surfaces nicely enhanced.

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